Your solution for cost-effective back-office support. Get an ARLA-trained team, streamline operations, and maximize your bottom line.

Save up To 75% on Back-Office Costs.

ARLA Trained for UK Property Expertise.

Data Security You Can Trust.

In-House Training for Continuous Growth.

Proven Success with UK Clients.

We don't just provide staff; we provide skilled professionals. Our affiliated academy, Apex Ascend, ensures our team is always ready to exceed your expectations.

Some of our Satisfied Clients

Apex Housing Solutions

Apex Housing Solutions

Reduce costs

Slash Your Operations Cost by Up to 75%

Get a skilled, cost-effective workforce for your property management operations.

Scale quickly

Is Growth Limited by Hiring? Outsource & Accelerate.

Our flexible solutions let you quickly add skilled team members without the overhead of local hiring.

Increased efficiency

Overwhelmed by Back-Office Tasks? We’ve Got You Covered.

Focus on growing your business while we optimize your back-office operations and ensure timely task completion.


Our In-House Academy: Delivering Success for You

Our commitment to ongoing skill development sets us apart. Our affiliated academy, Apex Ascend, delivers UK-specific property management training, ensuring our team provides exceptional service and drives results for our clients.

Build Your Back-Office Team with ConnectX

Our Clients

Apex Housing Solutions

“ConnectX has been our strategic back-office partner for over 2 years. Their commitment to specialized property management training has directly increased our profitability and streamlined our operations. We value their skilled operations team as well as the expertise they provide in sales, HR, and finance.” – Apex Housing Solutions

Apex Airspace

“ConnectX has provided us with exceptional trained civil engineers, architects, and other back-office support. They are not just professional but also a trustworthy back-office partner of Apex Airspace for more than two years. ConnectX consistently delivers exceptional trained professionals, including civil engineers and architects, for our back-office needs. Their skilled team, professionalism, and commitment to understanding our projects have made them a trusted partner for over two years. We highly recommend their services.” 

Services Related to Residential Property Management

Tenant Management Services

Council Relationship Management

Property Acquisition Services

Maintenance and Repair Services

Property Portfolio Analysis

Landlord Relationship Management

Connect X Service Categories

Operational Services (Customer Services)

& Account Services


Sales (Property Acquisition)


Business Development & Marketing

Our Senior Management

Asra Ummar

Country Head

Asra is responsible for driving the company’s growth through new client acquisition and expanding existing client relationships. She is responsible for leading the end-to-end client acquisition process, from prospecting to negotiation and closing.

Saadia Mansoor

Director People

Saadia actively collaborates and works with the senior management to define HR goals, policies, and programs that support the recruitment, retention, and development of a high-performing workforce. She oversees the recruitment and selection process

Sajid Hameed


Sajid conducts comprehensive financial analysis, performance evaluations, and risk assessments, providing strategic recommendations to enhance financial performance of our clients. He is responsible for overseeing financial management.

Our Trainer

Tanveer GUL

CIH & ARLA Qualified

Tanveer Gul is a seasoned, qualified, and dedicated professional Trainer with over two decades of training and teaching expertise. Specializing in property management training for the past year, he is also a proud member of the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and also an ARLA certified. He has been working with our training partner Apex Ascend.

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