Optimize Property Management with ConnectX BPO Services

At ConnectX, we understand the challenges property management companies usually in the UK. You wear many hats, juggling tenant relations, maintenance issues, paperwork, and compliance.

Save your pounds by slashing your operational costs by up to 75 percent

Your dedicated back office property management team

  • Free Up Your Time: Let us handle the heavy lifting – tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance coordination, and even legal notices. This frees you to focus on what matters most: growing your business.
  • Prioritise Client Growth: Invest your valuable time into client acquisition, building strong relationships, and expanding your service offerings. We’ll take care of the property management, allowing you to focus on client satisfaction and growth.
  • Reduce Overheads: Eliminate the need for additional staff or in-house property management resources. Our cost-effective solutions ensure optimal value, maximizing your profit potential. Slash your operation costs by 75 percent.
  • Peace of Mind: Rest assured knowing your properties are in the hands of qualified professionals. We ensure compliance with all regulations and best practices, protecting both you and your clients

One Point of Contact, Complete Support

  • Streamlined Communication & Clear Reporting: A dedicated Property Manager acts as your single point of contact, overseeing everything from seamless communication and clear reporting to ensuring property safety and smooth tenant transitions. This ensures you have one person to talk to, keeping things simple and efficient.
  • Stress-Free Tenancy Management: While your Property Manager is your primary contact, they’re backed by a skilled team behind the scenes. Pre-Tenancy Specialists ensure flawless property preparation, and a Tenancy Swap Administrator facilitates smooth tenant transitions with thorough screenings.
  • Expert Financial Management: Your dedicated Property Manager oversees our team of financial experts. Our Rent & Credit Controller handles efficient collection, minimizes late payments, and manages tenant enquiries. Additionally, our Deposit Specialists ensure secure deposit returns, and our Non-Resident Landlord Support assists with required documentation and tax returns.
  • 24/7 Peace of Mind: Never be left with questions. Your Property Manager has access to our team’s expert guidance on any property management issue. This makes them your one-stop shop for expert knowledge, ensuring you have all the information you need.

Some of our Satisfied Clients

ConnectX has been our strategic back-office partner for over 2 years, significantly boosting our profitability and streamlining operations. Their specialized trained workforce has led to a 30% reduction in tenant complaints and a 25% increase in satisfaction. Their sales team has boosted our letting & acquisition process at a good pace. We value their expertise in sales, HR, and finance, and their exceptional customer support.

Apex Housing Solutions UK

ConnectX has provided us with exceptional trained civil engineers, architects, and other back-office support. They are not just professional but also a trustworthy back-office partner of Apex Airspace for more than two years. ConnectX consistently delivers exceptional trained professionals, including civil engineers and architects, for our back-office needs. Their skilled team, professionalism, and commitment to understanding our projects have made them a trusted partner for over two years. We highly recommend their services

Apex Airspace UK

CFO Apex Housing Solutions

CEO Apex Housing Solutions

Our Trusted Partners

Slash your Operations Cost by upto 75%

Transform Your Property Management with Our BPO Services

  • Expert Teams: Benefit from the knowledge and skills of ARLA-trained professionals.
  • Cost Reduction: Optimize your operations to lower expenses.
  • Enhanced Support: Deliver exceptional customer service and address complaints effectively.
  • Streamlined Management: Over 20 years of experienced management and UK advisory board members
Build Your Back-Office Team with ConnectX

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