Empowering Affordable Housing: ConnectX Partnership with Apex Airspace UK

Apex Airspace UK has been a key partner. At ConnectX, we have provided financial, project management, HR, and customer support services to help drive their success. Apex Airspace is a renowned name in London, specializing in airspace modular development and providing affordable housing.

Who is Behind This Concept?

Arshad Bhatti, a renowned UK businessman, started the Apex Airspace development concept in 2016 to address London’s housing crisis. Since then, airspace has completed several notable projects, including Anthony Roderick House, Marion Court, and Friendship House. The vision of Apex Airspace is to meet the growing demand for housing with an affordable approach. They are also a key partner with the Greater London Authority (GLA).

How ConnectX Helps Airspace Achieve Their Goals

Since 2022, we have been a key partner to Apex Airspace, providing a range of services essential to their operations. Our support includes financial planning, site acquisition, feasibility analysis, and much more, playing a crucial role in the AR House project. CEO Arshad Bhatti is not only a key partner but also a member of our advisory board.

Our collaboration has enabled us to work on innovative projects that address critical housing needs in London. Through financial planning, we help manage budgets effectively, ensuring each project is completed within financial constraints while maintaining high-quality standards. Project management team facilitates the smooth execution of various development stages, from initial planning to final completion. Our project managers work closely with the Apex Airspace team to ensure timelines are met and issues are promptly addressed.

Anthony Roderick House - Airspace Development
Rooftop Extension - Airspace Development

HR support has been another crucial aspect of our services. We assist Apex Airspace in recruiting and managing a skilled workforce, ensuring the right talent is in place to drive their projects forward. Our HR team also provides ongoing support to maintain high levels of employee satisfaction and productivity.

One significant contribution has been in site acquisition. Finding and securing suitable locations for development is critical. Our team conducts thorough research and analysis to identify potential sites, negotiate terms, and ensure all legal and regulatory requirements are met. Feasibility analysis is another key area where we provide invaluable support. By assessing the viability of proposed projects, we help Apex Airspace make informed decisions about which projects to pursue. This involves evaluating factors such as market demand, financial projections, and potential risks.

The AR House project exemplifies our successful collaboration. We have been instrumental in every phase of this project, from development to the final stages of construction. Our comprehensive support has enabled Apex Airspace to deliver a high-quality, affordable housing solution that meets the needs of the local community.

Our partnership with Apex Airspace UK showcases how collaborative efforts can drive success in addressing critical housing needs. By providing a wide range of services, we have played a vital role in helping Apex Airspace achieve its goals and deliver on its vision of affordable housing in London. With our continued support, we look forward to contributing to many more successful projects in the future.